What’s In A Name


What’s In A Name

With “What’s in a name,” a modular research and guidance trajectory tailored to (performing) artists begins. Together with nine organizations, AnAku creates an interdisciplinary guidance program for artists who are at a turning point in their careers. We collaborate with VIERNULVIER, Zinnema, Fameus, MINO Art Space, TRILL, Arenbergschouwburg, WIPCOOP, creative branding agency Mangoo Pickle, and Hybried (intersectional coexistence/career coaching).

The focus is on coaching sessions and networking intensification. This involves organizing and providing one-on-one coaching sessions (both planned and ad hoc) and quarterly LABS/group sessions. The artists are selected by the organizations that are engaged in talent development (Fameus, TRILL, Zinnema, MINO Art Centre, WIPCOOP). With “What’s in a name,” we aim to equip young talents with the necessary tools to sustain their careers.


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