AnAku is a development, production and management platform that focuses on individual artists and collectives within the arts and also cultivates an approach that is interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral.


Founded in 2021 by Anastasia Anatoljevna Tchernokondratenko and Shari Aku Legbedje the core operation lies in the collaboration with artists who are primarily, but not exclusively, active within the performing arts. This starts from the expression of an initial idea about fundraising and community building to the practical implementation itself. In addition to the trajectory-based work, tailor-made assignments of shorter duration are also accepted whereby advice, or practical help, is provided to artists and organizations for a specific part of their career, practice or production.


We are committed to sharing knowledge and transparency: forging bonds and strong partnerships that benefit the artists with whom we collaborate. This while keeping the precarity of an artist’s career and the realization that artists must be given sufficient time and freedom to experiment, fail and start over, in mind.

We help map out the various paths creatives can take today and support our artists – at home and abroad – to maneuver smoothly through a sometimes overwhelming landscape of houses, co-producers, subsidizers, etc. The artists we collaborate with are creatives who help shape and direct the organization. They stand with both feet in social reality and dare to critically question it – directly or indirectly through their work. Together we build a diversified, inspiring landscape.


Anastasia Tchernokondratenko


Shari Aku Legbedje


Sefora Samangua


Audrey Ikirezi


Jessica Kipoy


Board Members & General Assembly:


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