In “EL VAIVÉN”, Camilo Mejía delves into the intricate relationship between his body and the salsa genre, aiming to unravel the multifaceted layers that define this connection. Through navigation of concepts such as blackness, masculinity, queerness, migration, and spirituality, Mejía challenges prevailing narratives surrounding these topics and pushes the boundaries of understanding them. “EL VAIVÉN” serves as a manifestation of Camilo Mejía’s deep connection to dance, particularly salsa, which transports us into a rich and enigmatic realm filled with stories, memories, dreams, myths, and vibrant soundscapes. These elements have profoundly influenced his life and contributed to the collective imagination of Latin America.

Choreography, concept and interpretation: Camilo Mejía // Dramaturgy: Renée Copraij, Nicole Gertruida, José Ramón Hernandez, Personaje Personaje // Sound design: Clay Chénière // Light design: Leticia Skrycky // Costume design: Patricia Mokosi, Lot Lemm // Scenography: Spela Tusar // Outside eyes: Marina Santo, Yohayna Hernandez, Eric Cyuzuzo, Cherish Menzo, Iki Yos Piña Narvaez // Executive Production: AnAku // With support of Beursschouwburg (Brussels-BE), DeSingel (Antwerp- BE), STUK (Leuven -BE), Pianofabriek (Brussels- BE), Theater Rotterdam (Rotterdam- NL) Periferia Cimarronas (Barcelona- ES), Konvent (Barcelona- ES).


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