Nadia Kara

Nadia Kara © Guillaume Kayacan


Nadia Kara, is a writer, an allround podcaster, moderator and host known for her No Offence” series, her articles for Vice, and her collaborations with Beursschouwburg, Arenberg, Horst festival, BrusselAVenir, Tsugi and Clark (RIP), etc. The main themes in her life and work include sustainability, diversity, feminism and mental health. She works in French, English and Dutch. 

Her marketing years took her to places like EURO RSCG (Havas), Touch, Trendwolves, Walkie Talkie, where she has produced commercial work for a number of local and global lifestyle clients and fine tuned her strategic skills. As a freelancer, she fills blank pages: writing, adapting, producing, designing, coming up with full-blown strategies if necessary.



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