Samira Saleh

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Samira Saleh is a spoken word performer, Agogical Sciences student and organizer. She grew up with three backgrounds, an Egyptian background from home, a Moroccan one in her immediate circle and a dominant diasporic background with Dutch roots, whose roots were pulled out of the ground to gain a new foothold in Belgium. Her artistic language is one that is direct, unfettered and uncompromising. She translates what she sees, experiences and witnesses as a Muslim woman and as a woman of color in our society.


In 2021, Samira began an artistic research project on Islamic feminism in relation to storytelling/spoken word within the MENA region and diaspora, among other topics. Between 2021 and early 2022, she was artistic coordinator of Seniors Slam, a project for Trill VZW. As an artist, she has already performed in Birmingham, Belgrade, London and Cairo for various projects such as the Tashweesh Festival, Shubbak Festival and Apples and Snakes Hit The Ode. From 2020 to 2021, she teaches the Spoken Word module at LUCA School of Arts. As a coordinator, she is also active at Mama’s Open Mic, a spoken word platform in Belgium that gives artists a chance to show their work to a wide audience.



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25/11 2023

Letterenhuis, Antwerp

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