Sesa (Sefora Sam) is a spoken word poet, author and performer from Antwerp, Belgium. She is best known for sincere, vulnerable and candid introspection through poetry. Her superpower lies in weaving love, growth, acceptance and self-love out of grief, insecurity and (childhood) trauma. She is the author of poetry collections “The Thrill of Victory” (2016), “The Break Free” (2020) and the work book “Rose Quartz” (2019). In 2022, Sesa founded “Break Free Babes,” a community that facilitates a space for collective healing through the practice of art and discussing taboo topics.

Through both her poetry and creating space for healing, Sesa strives to build a community where people feel less lonely and can grow collectively.



Upcoming dates

18/05 2024

Antwerp, Belgium

Past dates

18/05 2024

Antwerp, Belgium

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