Zelda Fitzgerald

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Zelda Fitzgerald is an MC bringing back raw vocals on house & techno and performance back to the clubs. Whether its singing, rapping or sound scaping, Zelda knows how take any crowd to the next level. With Missy Elliot, Kevin JZ Prodigy, Lauryn Hill, Busta Rhymes, but also Rammstein and Marilyn Manson being great inspirations. Zelda brings a style that is cutting edge, gritty and innovative. Her voice is like no other and complements every beat with a pulse.

Born in Amsterdam South East (as Zelda Dapaah) to Christian Ghanaian parents. She was exposed to House music and its African origins at an early age. Her parents were hosts for many Ghanaian newcomers, most of them young people who watched MTV and listened to Ghanaian hip life. On Sundays she would go to church and enjoy the ‘Praises and Worship’ segment of the service. Even though her musicality as well as her love for performance was evident. It never occurred to her that she could work as a musician. This changed when she got to university and her schoolmate (who was a DJ) needed an MC. She took the opportunity and from 2012 until 2014 they worked in almost all the venues in Amsterdam. From Paradiso, to Supperclub to Bitterzoet. During this period Zelda got introduced to the Ballroom scene in the Netherlands and became the first Dutch Voice. This is where she continued to grow as an artist and graced stages at Milkshake Festival and Vogue Knights in New
York. Falling in love with Belgium and its club scene during this time Zelda finished her Masters Degree in 2015 and moved to Antwerp right after.

She now, besides becoming the greatest club MC ever lived, aspires to facilitate a community in Belgium of crazy talented people who bring the C back in clubbing.



Upcoming dates

Past dates

10/11 2023

Paradiso, Amsterdam

8/09 2023

JJ Arena, Turkey

1/09 2023

Brussels, Belgium

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