Coloured Swan 2: Eldorado


Coloured Swan 2: Eldorado

With Coloured Swans Moya Michael makes a series of solo’s in which she questions how our various imposed identities influence our bodies and how we move, speak and sing. Classified as a “coloured” person in Apartheid South Africa, Moya invites artists from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds to join her in this quest. Together they share their personal stories in order to confront and intertwine the complexity of their experiences into one overarching creation. Each encounter leads to a solo created for and with the artist as one of the swans of Coloured Swans. 

Coloured Swan 2: Eldorado – Eldorado by Moya Michael and David Hernandez is based on the personal story of an immigrant performer of mixed Latino and other backgrounds. This life story serves as a springboard to a story of “hybridization” and “in-between identity”. Eldorado, the mythical city of gold, serves as a metaphor for all the quests towards the promised land. This is a multidisciplinary show. A hybrid form that combines dance, theater, music and image, as mixed as its creators. 

ELDORADO CONCEPT & CHOREOGRAPHY Moya Michael // IN COLLABORATION WITH & & PERFORMED BY David Hernandez // VIDEO & SCENOGRAPHY Oscar Cassamajor, Špela Tušar, Moya Michael // COSTUMES Povilas Bastys // SOUNDSCAPE & MUSIC Mitsuaki Matsumoto // LIGHT DESIGN Pier Gallen // EXECUTIVE PRODUCTION ANAKU // DISTRIBUTION Julie Le Gall (Cokot) & Hanna El Fakir // COPRODUCTION Dance Umbrella Festival, KVS, Centre For Fine Arts (Bozar), Vooruit // WITH THE SUPPORT OF The Flemish Government Delegation In South-Africa, Flemish Community Commission (VGC Brussels), Flemish Authorities (VG) // SPECIAL THANKS TO Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative, The Goodman Gallery, Zelda Production, Inge Floré, Miek Scheers, Steven Lorie, Patrick Van Neck, Dianne Weller. 


Upcoming dates

16/10 2019


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