It is like a Finger Pointing a Way to the Moon


It is like a Finger Pointing a Way to the Moon

In It is like the finger pointing to the moon Moya Michael is searching for the movement of different unyielding languages.

Guided by Bruce Lee’s allusion to an old Zen Buddhist wisdom in his seminal film Enter the Dragon, “Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory!”, she proposes to move with what we cannot fathom. To disappear in order to preserve the words that precede us, that never left us. To transform in order to keep what came before us.

In close collaboration with an invited group af artists, they dance nearby the guardians of words and rhythms of persisting, still vibrant but disregarded worlds and invites us to listen to images of encounters in the moment of their sounding. In close relation with the elliptical drive of the moon, they challenge the possibility to sense the remnants of a language inwardly, so that the deeper they go into their bodies, the wider they go into its dismembered but enduring vocabularies and grammars, without ever seizing or claiming them.

(source: KVS)

CREATION: Moya Michael // IN COLLABORATION WITH: Victoire Karera Kampire, Simon Thierrée, Joachim Ben Yacoub // PRODUCTION: KVS // COPRODUCTION: WIELS, Perpodium, Bergen Kunsthall // WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Taxshelter Of The Belgian Federal Government Via BNPPFFF


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16/10 2019


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