PARADIS: Le monde blanc / modification


PARADIS: Le monde blanc / modification

With PARADIS, Roxette Chikua gives a voice to the young black woman; the refugee, the child who has lived a nomadic life without identity for eight years in the streets of Brussels. The only thing she has: a dream and herself. 

PARADIS is an installation performance in an afro-futuristic atmosphere about a young woman’s search for her identity. Here Roxette balances between different cultures: the one of her origin and the one of the society in which she lives. She starts from her own story and has to choose: does she follow like a sheep the imposed path laid out for people with her background? Or does she engage in the struggle to differentiate herself from these stereotypes? In PARADIS, Roxette becomes the director of her own life, creating her own paradise. 

CONCEPT, TEXT & PLAYl: Roxette Chikua // INSTALLATION & SCENOGRAPHY: Stan Wannet // COSTUME: Seraphine Boyeleba Balehen // COACHING: Mutwashi Jonathan Kanda // PHOTO DIRECTION & CONCEPT: Sven Truyen // PHOTOGRAPHY: Frédéric Remouchamps // DRAMATURGY: Kopano Maroga en Leila Anderson // ARTISTIC COACH: Mesut Arslan // WITH THANKS TO: Anaku, Mestizo Arts Platform, VIERNULVIER, KunstZ, Government, Platform 0090, Fameus, Stad Antwerpen, Elsemieke Scholte // WITH SUPPORT FROM DE Vlaamse Gemeenschap


Upcoming dates

24/11 2022


23/11 2022


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