Roxette Chikua

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Roxette Chikua is co-founder of Club MG of Moving Ground and active as a professional artist and an assistant choreographer.
Arriving in Belgium as a refugee, Roxette experienced a difficult childhood and many barriers before finding her way in society. By coming into contact with various cultural organizations
and setting up her own initiatives, she has worked her way to where she is today. She recognizes the same difficulties among young people in minority groups. From there, Roxette absolutely does not shy away from social engagement with projects such as Kras, Stromend Water and Club MG. Club MG has been awarded multiple prizes: Cultural Award Kinnebaba 2018 (Belgium), Amateo Awards 2019 (Europe) and Ultima 2020 (Belgium) .
Roxette created choreography for productions by kunstZ such as The Swing at BLOK BLOC festival and the remake of Giselle Not One of Us in collaboration with Ballet Vlaanderen. Roxette is a versatile artist. She has also made her first steps within the world of documentary, film and television. She can be seen in the documentary Reset (2021) and the program on Canvas through the eyes of (2021). This year she was co-curator for Dag van de maker at TheaterFestival, in collaboration with detheatermaker, Day of Dance and Circuscentrum.



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