With Outwalkers Michael aims to explore the intimate journey of scars and wounds, and what it brings to the surface. How do we carry these scars? How do we nurture or tend to these wounds that cut deep into our histories? How do we read our bodies and the journey they take us through? And how do the stories of our past influence the way we navigate through communities and relationships today? 

PERFORMANCE BY & WITH Moya Michael, Camillo Mejía Cortès, Holland Andrews & Loucka Fiagan // FLOATING DRAMATURGES Aurélie Disasi, Isaiah Lopaz & Kopano Maroga // ARTISTIC SUPPORT Aurélie Disasi // MUSIC COMPOSED & PERFORMED BY Holland Andrews // TEXT & LYRICS Loucka Fiagan // SCENOGRAPHY Špela Tušar // COSTUMES Andrea Kränzlin // LIGHTING DESIGN Pier Gallen // SOUND Steven Lorie// TECHNICAL PRODUCTION & STAGE MANAGER Raphaël Noël // Navid Fayaz // PRODUCTION MANAGER Lise Bruynseels // DISTRIBUTION & TOUR DIRECTION Cecilia Kuska & KVS PRODUCTION// KVS COPRODUCTION Perpodium // PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT AnAku, Shari Aku Legbedje, Anastasia Tchernokondratenko // WITH THE SUPPORT OF Tax Shelter of the Belgian Federal Government via Cronos Invest.


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